Client Reviews

From zhoue1:
A few months ago, I was arrested for possession of marijuana under 2oz. Prior to this I had never been arrested, given a ticket, or even pulled over by a cop so I wasn’t aware of any rights that I had or how the process worked at all . I contacted attorney Shannon Riley who made the whole thing incredibly easy for me. He answered all of my questions, explained the possible outcomes of the case, and what he was going to try to do about it. The very next day I received a call from him with the news that my case had been dismissed and all of the charges had been dropped. Thanks to him, I have a completely clean record and it’s like I never got arrested at all. Shannon Riley answered all of my legal questions, represented me in court, and got my charges dismissed in literally one day, all at about 1/3 of the price of several other law firms that I contacted. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Legal Issue: Criminal Law
zhoue1 hired Shannon M. Riley in 2016.

From Meganwest:
I had a wonderful experience working with Mr. Riley! He helped to ease my stress when dealing with a difficult situation. He was very knowledgeable in the area and he also had my family’s best interest in mind. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family members.

Meganwest hired Shannon M. Riley in 2016.

From William07:
I would highly recommend Mr. Shannon Riley because he stay on top of things when it come to working on your case. I was only in jail for 30 days and he got my case for second degree felony dismissed. He make sure that he come see you anytime he found out any news and keep your family inform as well. I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer.

Legal Issue: Criminal Law
William07 hired Shannon M. Riley in 2016.

From Matt40:
Shannon was really polite and helpful. Easy to contact also explained everything so there wasn’t no stone unturned. Lawyers amongst the best cost much more but he is fair and he still did his job 100 percent efficient. Hard to find a person who keeps their word. I highly recommend him and would to anyone in the area.

Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
Matt40 hired Shannon M. Riley in 2016.

From pselby:
Mr. Riley gave my son the piece of mind that he needed when this whole ordeal began. The charge was eventually dismissed due to Mr. Riley’s persistance with the County Attorney’s office to provide the evidence supporting the charge.

Legal Issue: Criminal Law
pselby hired Shannon M. Riley in 2015.

From slvr135:
I transferred my case to Mr.Riley at the last minute. He took care of my issue within three months, while the previous lawyer was unable to accomplish anything in almost two years. Mr.Riley was always available whenever I had questions, and kept me updated on everything. Once he took over my case, the whole process became painless and the stress level went down immediately. He is experienced, very professional, and results oriented. Most importantly, he cares about his clients. I am very happy with the outcome.

Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
slvr135 hired Shannon M. Riley in 2015.

From bkcancino:
Mr.Riley is an awesome attorney. Very helpful with my case and never a time where he didn’t return my phone calls and always answered when he could. That was very important to me because he keep me up to date with what was going on with my case. I would definitely hire Mr. Riley again and recommend him to all of my family and friends. He is very polite and friendly.

bkcancino hired Shannon M. Riley in 2015.

From kaitruth:
Mr Riley was absolutely wonderful! My family and I had some issues going on that were turned into something they should not have. I had never been in trouble with the law before and was extremely scared, I had no clue what I needed to do. I emailed Shannon on a Sunday evening of all days, and briefly explained what was happening and that I completely understood if he was busy and couldn’t get back to me that evening. It was only 20 minutes later I received his phone call. He was so genuine with me, I think we talked on the phone for an hour that night. On a Sunday night that he could have been enjoying his family, after all, I hadn’t paid him anything yet and was only seeking legal advice. Rather then blowing me off and giving me short brief advice on what I could do, he was actually there to help me. He made me feel protected and well represented through the entirety of my case. He enabled me to have a voice and assisted me so that a warrant was never issued. He made my family and myself feel safe, and we felt like he was constantly working for us and that we were truly a priority of his. I could not have asked for anyone better!

Legal Issue: Criminal Law
kaitruth hired Shannon M. Riley in 2015.

From Dianna28:
Mr. Riley was a true professional. I had a legal issue with my 17 year old son. Mr. Riley took care of everything. kept me and my son informed on everything and had my son take responsibility with checking in with his PO to ensure he understood the seriousness of his case. Mr. Riley ensure my son talked to him directly and explained everything in detail. I would highly recommend Mr. Riley to anyone for any issue they may have.

Legal Issue: Criminal Law
Dianna28 hired Shannon M. Riley in 2014.

From mooret176:
To be frank, the guy knows his stuff. He was reasonable, honest, and scrappy. All things I would have needed in a lawyer to handle my situation he was that. I will always go to him before anyone else from here on out and I strongly recommend anyone do the same.

Legal Issue: Criminal Law
mooret176 hired Shannon M. Riley in 2014.

From 5poblado5:
Very professional.We have feel confident and trusting.During my experience with Mr. Shannon he keep us update throughout our case. Recommended him 100%.

Legal Issue: Drugs & Medical Devices
5poblado5 hired Shannon M. Riley in 2014.

From Thankfulclient100:
I highly recommend Mr. Riley! He had my charges reduced to a minor offense equal to traffic ticket. Not only was he a pleasure to deal with he was the fastest attorney I have ever worked with and I have worked with several. I live out of town and Mr. Riley was able to take care of my case without having to drive back to court. When I say fast I called him on a Friday and by Tuesday he had met with the prosecutor and the charges reduced and case was closed. Usually when you call attorneys they want to charge you just to talk. Mr, Riley charged me nothing and was extremely helpful. He was the only attorney of a few dozen that I actually spoke to in person and the only one to return my phone call. If you are trying to decide on the right attorney Mr. Riley is your man. I am very glad and thankful he was able to help me and highly recommend him to anyone who needs great representation. Signed Thankful Client

Legal Issue: Criminal Law
Thankfulclient100 hired Shannon M. Riley in 2014.