Belton Attorney Representing People Facing DWI Charges

People make mistakes. They can also be wrongfully accused of things they did not do. No matter what happened, it is important to effectively manage your drunk driving arrest so that you can move forward with your life.

At my Belton, Texas, law firm, I represent people who have been arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and people under age 21 who have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Bell County and throughout central Texas. Many of the people I serve face charges right here in Bell County.

Taking A Thorough And Complete Approach To Your Drunk Driving Case

When I handle your DWI case, I take a thorough approach. There are many things to consider, beginning with the Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing and continuing through sentencing. These things can affect the rest of your life.

As your drunk driving defense attorney, I review all of the evidence against you, including police reports and Breathalyzer test results, as well as video of the traffic stop and any field sobriety tests administered.

I look for police errors, violations of your constitutional rights and other problems with the prosecution's case against you. By conducting a thorough review, I may be able to discover problems with the evidence in your case, and I will fight hard to keep illegally or unfairly collected evidence from being used against you in court.

I also fight to protect your driver's license after a drunk driving arrest by requesting and appearing on your behalf at an ALR hearing, if appropriate. Under Texas law, a driver and his or her lawyer may be eligible to request a hearing to fight the suspension of a driver's license after a DWI arrest.

Belton DWI Lawyer Answering Your Questions

Will I go to jail? Should I have taken the Breathalyzer? What if I was never read my rights? At my Belton, Texas, law firm, I often hear these questions from my clients. There is no one right answer in every case. The answer depends on your situation and the facts involved. When you come to me for a free and confidential consultation , we will discuss the facts of your case, and I can answer your questions. I will help you understand how Texas law may affect your case so that we can develop an effective case strategy that protects your freedom and your rights.

Contact me at 254-233-1079 for a free and confidential consultation regarding DWI or other criminal law matters.